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Happy new year in chinese - New Year Quotes, Wishes, Images, Greetings & Cards

Happy new year in chinese ,the New Year is time for parties and happiness, the coming of spring and making it great prosperity. Happy new year in chinese Wishes. Convey your New Year wishes for your family and friends in the event of this Chinese New Year this year. With precisely the same zest and brightness the lush New Year Parades in the Chinese New Year shows, light up the faces of the nearest and dearest using our Chinese New Year Messages. Can it be friends, family or coworkers, we've got for one of the choicest collections of meaningful messages which don't only send across your love and best wishes in the event of New Year, but also state the simple fact that you care for them a great deal and want to make it understood. So only flip through our set and allow the messages to begin flowing.

Happy chinese New year 

1.    The New Year, the new calendar and new days are a brand new opportunity to start a brand new life and to become a much better person.

2.    This New Year may the surroundings be clean; the world is better, the light is brighter so that the world becomes a better place not only for us but also for the generations to come.

3.    This New Year may you have the heart to share love and joy not only with your family and friends but also with the world at large – remember, sharing means caring.

4.    May this New Year be as colourful and exciting as the decorations that you put up in your home to welcome the festive season.

5.    May your New Year sparkle like the firecrackers that light up the night sky to welcome the New Year.

6.    This New Year may you have the understanding to appreciate what you have and how those that belong to you make your world beautiful.

7.    Count your blessings and eradicate selfishness this New Year, and this would make you feel happy and contented in all situations of life.

8.    This New Year as you strive for a better and grander future may you never forget the acts of kindness and love that have made you who you are today.

9.    This New Year may your smile become your logo, your personality becomes your business card, and your attitude becomes your trademark.

10.    This New Year my wish for you is that may your Guardian Angel always keep all kinds of danger at bay.

11.    This New Year may you take all the hurdles to your stride and emerge a winner by accomplishing all your endeavours.

Chinese New Year Images

12.    May you always be blessed with the guidance and good wishes of the elders and encouragement and companionship of your peers.

13.    May your New Year be as refreshing and rejuvenating as a bouquet of fresh, fragrant flowers.

14.    This New Year may you never leave the path of faith, love and hope.

15.    Here is sending your way smile for your lips and hopes for your heart to welcome the brand New Year.

16.    May the old year take with it your anger, jealousy and ego; and may the New Year bring with it modesty, humility and honesty.

17.    May the New Year be vibrant with joys that never fade and hopes that never die.

18.    May you have the wisdom to learn from the mistakes of your past and turn them into something productive for your future.

19.    This New Year may you have the courage to be yourself and remain unabashed about it.

20.    I wish that this New Year may you enjoy your moments of solitude, but never experience a moment of loneliness.

Chinese New Year Greetings

21. This New Year may Good Luck, and Prosperity follows you wherever you go, and may Lady Luck scare away any misfortune that was planning to come your way.

22. This New Year tries to carve a niche for yourself in the sand of time and make your family proud and happy.

23. Here’s wishing you a safe and sound New Year – a year you shall enjoy looking back upon even after a lapse of time.

24. You may not be able to avoid all the oddities in life. But may you have the courage to face them head on and emerge a winner.

25. Futures-related trading activities are driving the market. Fund managers are not interested in Hong Kong at the moment, and retail investors are reluctant to get into the market ahead of the Chinese New Year.

26. This is where we showcase cultural holidays such as Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Chinese New Year and the Winter Solstice.

27. For most of us, it’s a time for us to get together and talk about our past, present and future. The Chinese New Year is the most important holiday in China. It’s very much like Christmas or Thanksgiving in the United States.

28. A lot of people, they get all caught up in the New Year’s resolution thing, and I think it gives them a natural way, later, to say, ‘Oh, that was just a New Year’s resolution’ and not take it seriously. People who want to make changes can make them any day of the year, whether it be the Jewish New Year, the Chinese New Year or any day that suits them. You’ve got every day of your life to make changes.

29. Equity markets finished last week on an upbeat footing but the resurgent price of oil and the fact some Asian markets have been closed for the week’s opening session to mark the Chinese New Year may make further direction challenging to find in the short term.

30. Every year, we receive thousands of scholars and experts from abroad, but it is only in recent years that the Chinese have begun to appreciate New Year pictures.

Wishing you a prosperous and abundant Chinese New Year!
May the blessing of New Year be with you,Today and always.
Gong Xi Fa Cai.
May Good Luck and Prosperity follow you wherever you go, this New Year and you make your family proud and elated.
I hope that each day of this Chinese New Year bring you many reasons to celebrate!
Happy Chinese New Year!
Happy Chinese New Year!  
May this New Year brings you happiness, wealth, longevity, and good fortune! 
Happiness, Fun, Joy, Peace, Love, Luck, will come with my special wish ...
Happy Chinese New Year!
Wishing you a year filled with enriching days, happy hours and beautiful moments and A year where life is peaceful,
Happy Chinese New Year
May all your wishes be fulfilled and your happiness be without limit!
Happy Chinese New Year! 
Happy Chinese New Year!
I hope for you this New Year your happiness
and longevity be complete!
The New Year is here and I am sure it will bring fresh challenges. But may God give you the strength to overcome them all and further climb the ladder of success.

Wish You a Very Happy New year From Me And our Team.Kindly Share this post With your Friend,family and relatives Or Social Media And Happy New year All around The world.

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